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The machine is supplied complete with NB15 Torch and 3M Earth Lead.
The Multipearl range of welders from GYS are featured packed, compact, synergic multi process welders.

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Features include:

  • Power Factor Correction – Allows for 200A output on a 13A domestic input supply
  • Flexible Voltage – Enables the machine to run on a unstable power supply from 85V to 265V
  • Synergic Interface – Simply program the machine which material you are welding, which diameter wire you are using along with gas type and thickness of material being welded and the machine will dial in your settings for you.
  • Synergic programmes for CuSi3, CuSi8 & CuAl MIG brazing
  • 15KG (300MM) wire reel capacity
  • 4 Roll Wire Feeder – Allows for smooth pulling of the welding wire.
  • Lift DC TIG – With the optional euro connection TIG torch you can control post gas and downslope which goes a long way toward preventing craters and porosity in your TIG welds; the fact that the torch is also connected via the euro connector means it can utilise the gas solenoid in the machine which means not having to twist your torches gas valve on and off whenever you’re starting/ending a run.
  • MMA – Capable of welding mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron welding electrodes up to 5MM diameter

Technical Specifications:

  • Input Supply (Voltage & Amps) – 85V-265V (Flexible Voltage) / 13A (230V) / 32A (110V)
  • Amp Range – 20A – 200A (230V) / 20A – 150A (110V)
  • Duty Cycle – 20% @ 200A / 40C
  • Generator Friendly? (kVA) – Yes / 9kVA
  • Wire Feed – 4 Roll
  • Weldable Materials – Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • Weight & Dimensions – 20KG / 250MM X 550MM X 440MM
  • Voltage Steps – Synergic Control / None Stepped
  • Wire Reel Capacity – 5KG (200MM) & 15KG (300MM)
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