Maximise your welding potential with Weldmax.

Machine Calibrations

Providing your welding machine with a certified calibration will guarantee that the welding procedures performed by your machine are accurate.



Arc Torchology Tig Torches offer advancements in productivity and performance but most importantly they make work life easier.


Buse Welding Gases

We are your local Buse Gas Agent, enabling us to supply the Welding world with a full range of Industrial Gases.


High Vacuum Fume Extraction

High vacuum filter unit for on-torch extraction with contamination free filter change.

CP7 Gas Inspections

CP7 Gas Inspections

We offer CP7 Gas Inspections as an additional service to ensure that gas equipment used in the workplace is in a safe condition.


Welding Training Courses

We offer welding training courses for entry level welders through to experienced welders who need further support to progress to complex welding work and quality control.

Hire Machine

Welding Machine Hire

When you hire a machine from us, you can guarantee a straightforward process and for it to be ready to weld instantly with all the leads. Suitable for a variety of applications, there is no need to wait around or delay your projects – choose Weldmax for your welding machine hire.