GYS Kronos 400T DUO Compact

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The KRONOS 400T DUO is a multi-process three-phase inverter welding machine with a modular design, meaning it can be equipped with an optional separate WF 35 wire feeder, allowing to quickly switch between 2 different types or diameters.

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Its innovative technology ensures excellent arc characteristics for the most demanding MIG/MAG applications. The integrated synergies make adjustments much easier, and reduce welding spatter. Its bright and intuitive interface allows precise control of welding parameters, so that the highest possible results can be achieved.


MIG/MAG: It can be equipped with an optional separate WF 35 wire feeder, allowing to quickly switch between 2 different types or diameters.
– steel and stainless steel wire: Ø 0.6 to 1.2 mm
– aluminium wire: Ø 0.8 to 1.2 mm
– flux-cored wire (inverted polarity) : Ø 0.9 to 1.6 mm
MMA DC / Pulse: basic and rutile electrodes.
TIG DC Lift / Pulse.


Specific synergies for: Steel, AlMg, AlSi, CrNi, CuSi.
After entering 3 pieces of data: Wire diameter, material/gas and thickness, the product automatically determines the optimal welding parameters.
New, intuitive, and multilingual 3.5’’ HMI.
Full machine software and synergy updates available via USB stick.
Storage of up to 200 welding programs (Job) for recurring tasks.
Portability function, the ability to load/save/transport user JOBS and machine configuration via USB stick.
On-demand ventilation system to reduce dust ingress, and increase energy efficiency.


Digital arc control with instantaneous ignition.
Very stable arc which reduces welding spatter.
Four-roller wire feeder with digital encoder for smooth operation.


Easy – streamlined interface suitable for the vast majority of users to achieve the best possible weld quality.
Expert – dedicated interface for the most experienced welders, allows the user to adjust all the parameters of the welding cycle.


The wire feeder is automatically selected by pulling the trigger on the torch, or by using the knob on the interface.
Reinforced wheels for stability and manoeuvrability.
Gas bottle support up to 10 m3 (50 L).
IP23S rated to withstand difficult environments.
Storage compartment.
4 lifting points for easy handling and safe transport.
Convenient polarity change available on the front panel.


– Intuitive, multilingual 3.5’’ colour interface.
– Easy navigation, even when wearing welding gloves.
– Choice of primary parameter to be displayed on the screen (wire speed, current, etc).
– Easy to amend the most frequently altered welding parameters.

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