CROS-ARC 40NHF Plasma Cutter With S45 Torch

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The CROS-ARC 40NHF Plasma Cutter is a latest technology 230V inverter based power source incorporating electronic cutting control. It uses the latest back strike arc technology minimising the effect on electronic devices.
This machine offers outstanding cutting performance on all materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, Titanium and all other metals.
Suitable for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium, it is recommended for intensive professional use up to ?1.2 mm (?1.6 mm occasionally) using its 4 roller wire feeder.

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Material Recommended Maximum Severance
Mild Steel 12 15 18
Stainless Steel 10 12 15
Aluminium 10 12 15


Power Supply (+15% /-15%) 230V 1Ph
Fuses A T25
Duty Cycle @ 60% 40A
Current Range 14- 40A
Operating Pressure 5 Bar
Protection Class IP21
Weight 12 KG
Generator Compatable Yes
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