Promig 400-4S

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The PROMIG 400-4S is the ideal 3-phase «Synergic» welding machine for locksmith work, maintenance and semi-industrial production work. Suitable for welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium, it is recommended for intensive professional use up to ø1.2 mm (ø1.6 mm occasionally) using its 4 roller wire feeder.

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In «Synergic» mode, setting is fast and simple. The Micro processor controller will automatically set the optimum wire speed. This avoids complex set-up and ensures optimum welding parameters.


GYS experience integrated in more than 1000 parameters managed by microprocessor.

Synergic mode : Optimum results without adjusting the wire speed :

  • Select wire type
  • Select wire size
  • Select the power (refer to table on the front of the machine)

PROMIG 400-4S will ensure :

  • Optimum wire speed
  • Pre-gas / post-gas
  • Burnback

PROMIG 400-4S will display :

  • Wire speed
  • Voltage
  • Current

To realise WPS in the field of application of a WPQR.
WPS : Welding Procedure Specification
WPQR : Welding Procedure Qualification Record

Manual mode : Manual adjustment option of the wire speed and power.

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